Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Visit to one of the first med-spas in Toronto

I spent some time over Thanksgiving visiting with Dr. Steve Mulholland, of SpaMedica in Toronto. I toured his facility, which was spectacular and will be even better after an upcoming renovation. SpaMedica was one of the first medi-spas out there and was an inspiration for SMAC in Boca Raton.

Canada has different rules when it comes to testing and approving new devices, so Steve has a bit of an advantage there when it comes to new technology. We're still testing the Ultrashape but he's been using it in his practice for some time, since it's already approved in Canada. He combines it with Velashape to get some more cellulite removal.

Pretty soon he'll be getting the Liposonix device from Medicis. It's similar to what Ultrashape does, but it's more thermal and supposedly has tighter skin contracture, albeit with more pain. I trust Steve's judgment so we'll see what he says about it. Maybe he should do a split body study on love handles, where each side is treated with a different machine.

He gave me the scoop on some other upcoming technologies that I'll be talking about later.

That is all,

Dr. Jason Pozner
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center

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