Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't worry about Vitamin D when it comes to sunscreen

There has been somewhat of a chorus in the last 20 years in the world of dermatology and skincare that sunscreen use has a downside of diminishing Vitamin D production.

For example, a 1988 article in the Archives of Dermatology claimed that long-term or "chronic" use of sunscreen caused low body stores of Vitamin D in test subjects.

A February article in the NY Times by Anahad O'Connor followed up on this, citing a 1995 study from Australia that said that "normal" or flawed sunscreen use by regular users usually allows enough sunlight exposure for adequate Vitamin D production.

The latest affirmation of this view came in yesterday's edition of the British Journal of Dermatology. Mary Norval and H.C. Wulf of the University of Edinburgh Medical School, which said that the alarming studies of the past were borne of "very strictly controlled conditions."

So there's still no excuse not to use sunscreen. We recently were published in the West Boca Forum with an article imploring people to use sunscreen and use it often, so they don't have to come see us later!

Dr. David J. Goldberg
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Dr. Jason Pozner
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