Friday, December 11, 2009

It should be news: Environmental Pollution Increases Incidence of Renal Failure

A good study from 1996 that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention was titled "Environmental Pollution is Increasing the Incidence of Chronic Renal Failure."

It comes from a study in Egypt by Mohamed A. Sobh, of the University of Mansoura's Nephrology Department. Renal failure, by the way, is the failure of the kidneys to function adequately.

Pretty scary stuff just from the abstract:

"These risk factors could be physical (radiation, heat, electric or altitude), chemical (for example heavy metals and hydrocarbons) or biological (bacterial, parasitic, viral or fungal) in nature, which can reach the human through air, food, water, drugs or cosmetics. These risk factors could be present at home, in the workplace, or in the environment at large.

Airborne environmental toxins could be gaseous (for example carbon monoxide, vinyl chloride, radon), vapour (for example lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel), dusts (asbestos, silica, cotton fibres, coal), airborn allergens or radiation. Waterborne could be microbial pollution of drinking water, or chemical contamination (metals, toxic, wastes, pesticides or agricultural chemicals). Food could be a risk factor for instance rhubarb causing oxaloses and liquorice causing salt and water retention with hypokalaemia."

We are going to have an increased emphasis on addressing toxins with the age management and wellness aspect of Sanctuary. Stay tuned!

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  1. this is another reason to try to reduce the air pollution, we have to have conscience that health is the most important in our lives.

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