Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Added Benefits of Beautiful Lashes

Following the FDA approval of Latisse® (active ingredient Bimatoprost), there has been an ongoing buzz surrounding the proven effects of the eyelash enhancing drug. Latisse®, however, did not originate as a cosmetic product. The popular eyelash treatment was originally used to treat glaucoma patients. Bimatoprost was re-approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes once lash growth was acknowledged as a side effect to the drops.

Although Lattise® was originally used for glaucoma treatment, more benefits of the common cosmetic product having been discovered. The use of Latisse® for hair growth on the scalp is now being explored, as well as eyebrow growth. Patients seeking full eyebrows like Megan Fox or Kiera Knightly may benefit from the alternative uses of Latisse. There may be a future for Bimatoprost in the hair-loss industry, although treatments may be costly.

The compound Bimatoprost has also been shown to reduce adipose tissue in mammals, or what is commonly referred to as body fat. Studies are currently underway to test injections of the compound on fatty deposits in the human body. The cosmetic industry may see a future fat reduction treatment that mirrors Botox and filler injections, making weight loss more attainable for patients. That doesn’t mean its time to bail on a healthy diet and exercise. It may take many years for said treatments to be approved by the FDA. Bimatoprost is currently only used in the U.S. for glaucoma treatment and eyelash growth under the Lumigan and Latisse® labels.

Latisse® is also a very safe treatment with minimal side effects. During clinical trials, only about 4% of users reported having the most common side effect: itchy and/or red eyes. Bimatoprost has passed FDA regulations twice now, for both medical and cosmetic purposes, similar to Botox’s dual approvals in 1989 and 2002.


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