Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Part III of III from the ASLMS Meeting in Phoenix

Dr. Goldberg and I attended the ASLMS meeting in phoenix last weekend. This is my favorite meeting of the year as we see new products and evaluation of existing products. The clear winners this year in terms of number of presentations and buzz were Zeltiq and Ulthera—devices that we have blogged about before, and which we have in our offices. The scientific studies on Zeltiq were very clear - excellent results and efficacy of 20-30% per treatment. That is what we have been seeing in our Boca office - very satisfied patients with consistent results. The Ulthera data mostly came from Asia, where they have had the device for some time. Results with the older protocol were good but newer data from a number of physicians showed that the newer protocols of dual layers and increased numbers of "lines" placed, leads to better, more consistent results.

We had 2 posters from the Boca office at ASLMS. The first was on healing times after fractional resurfacing and microlaserpeel with the Sciton TRL (tunable resurfacing laser). See attached. We showed that healing times are affected by a number of variables, including depth of microlaserpeel, depth of fractional treatment and density of the treatment. This gave us the data for use in our practice to be able to treat patients more effectively and with limited downtime.

The second poster we presented was about face lifting and laser resurfacing. See attached. We showed the safety and efficacy of treating patients with the Sciton TRL system. The key to successful treatment was to perform deep resurfacing on the non-undermined areas and to use the lighter fractional settings on the undermined flap.

Dr. Jason Pozner

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  1. How can we see the 2 posters you presented at the ASLMS?