Thursday, July 15, 2010

Novabel® Pulled From Market

Novabel®, a dermal shaper harvested from marine algae extract, has been taken off of the market by Merz Pharmaceuticals. The decision came after numerous patients reported temporary bruising, swelling and lumps, particularly around the under eye area.

Novabel® is currently marketed as a safe and virtually pain-free treatment with minimal side effects and results that last up to twelve months. However, due to these latest patient complaints, Merz has decided to cease production on Novabel® until they are able to re-release the product without any kinks. Biocompatibles’ CellMed branch, the developers of Novabel®, are currently working with Merz to address the problem.

"I am confident that our CellMed team will have a safe and effective technique for sensitive areas ready for evaluation in the next few weeks," said Biocompatibles’ chief executive Crispin Simon.

Novabel® differs from traditional dermal fillers like Restylane® and Juvederm® as it is not made of hyaluronic acid. Traditional fillers are likely to have more pronounced side effects in sensitive areas than Novabel®. Until the latest issues are resolved, Merz will suspend the product until they can accurately market Novabel® for it’s minimal side effects.

Novabel® was released in the U.K. in February of this year and is not yet FDA approved. With promising results expected from Novabel®, we hope that Merz will have it back on the market soon.


  1. I would like to know what you are you doing to help people who suffer daily with bruising under the eye and have been left with severe lumps...No one seems to be admitting there is a problem.I was told only a few people had lumps..bruising it turns out there are lots of people.

    Its disgusting and its obvious there is a massive problem and that this product shouldn't not be allowed back on to the market and the people that have been left mentaly and physically scared should be given advice on how to make it look better along with compensation for Merz ruining there face!

  2. It's no true that only three persons are confirm to have nodules ( granulomes ).Many people are affected by this product in Europe, Canada ect, and Merz Pharma don't want this to be known because of the legal actions against them they may have, and the complaints to the European Economic Community because this product is not safe.
    The F.D.A in EE.UU does not approve yet the product and we have to inform them about the high risk that others may have.
    who will resolve our problem? Plastic surgery is not easy in these cases and almost always leaves a scar. Doctors should also seek explanations from Merz because the demands are going to go against them too.
    Some doctors most conservatives have not wanted to advise the product to their patients before knowing which would be undesirable effects on the market after spending a few years,but dermal fillers industry is doing a lot of money with these products in the stock market and there are many invested interests a that are playing with people's health.
    This is not acceptable and we must fight for truth be told.
    Every human being has the right to know the truth and not allow anyone to play with your life!!!