Monday, September 13, 2010

Could Invisible Bra Set Off New Trend?

Cosmetically, women can achieve the appearance of perkier breasts through breast augmentation or breast lifts. A new product, which guarantees a long-term boost, may be something to watch out for.

Breform™ surgical breast support is a new system termed as the “invisible bra”. A polyester mesh material is inserted through surgically under the skin. Breform™ is placed under the epidermis of the breast and stitched to the layer of fat above the breast tissue.

The material, which is cone-shaped, looks like a bra and can enhance the shape of the breast without undergoing surgery. Reportedly, Breform™ feels completely natural and cannot be felt through the breast skin.

Breform™ is inserted under the skin via an incision around the nipple with the assistance of general anesthesia. Just as with any surgery around the nipple, there is the possibility of loss of sensation. Breform™ claims that any lost nipple sensation, however, should return within six months following insertion. reports that a Breform™ procedure, which is manufactured by Aspide M├ędical in St Etienne, France, costs and average of 5,900GPD—or $9,100. While Breform™ can be used as an alternative to breast reduction in certain patients; the benefits of the product can also be reaped if used in conjunction with augmentation and reduction.

So what is our take on the invisible bra? Breform™ may be beneficial to ensure optimum results and prevent future sagging in patients who have undergone breast augmentation or reduction. By itself, however, Breform™ does not seem to be worth the investment. Breform™ is currently only available in parts of Europe and Asia, however, it has already received national media attention in the U.S.


  1. Does anyone know how Breform affects breast imaging? Does it cause calcifications? Is it opaque on mammography? Does it interfere with sonography? Unlike implants which can be 'displaced' a foreign body inserted in the skin cannot be removed from the field of view in mammography...

  2. Aside from the very valid health concerns, it doesn't look like this "bra" would be effective for cup sizes above, say, a C (and breasts that size don't need a bra as much anyway.) Also, I'd always heard that over-the-muscle implants looked unnatural. Please do a Breform followup!

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