Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good News and Bad News From New ASPS Study

From the study:

" -- 59% of respondents say the economy has had an impact on their
plans for cosmetic plastic surgery. That's up 9% from six
months ago.
-- 48% of the survey participants are less likely to schedule a
consultation appointment now compared to 30% six months ago.
-- 27% of the survey participants indicated they were considering
less expensive options, compared with 20% six months ago."

As for surgeons:
-- 62% report a decrease
-- Region most affected - Northeast and Southeast
-- Region least affected - Midwest

Cosmetic surgery by its very nature is a luxury, and this is not a shock to anyone. Dr. Pozner at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery still is very busy with correctional and revision surgery, which is a big priority for many patients. However, the silver lining here is for cosmetic dermatologists:

-- 73% (almost 3 out of 4) report an increased or stable demand for
procedures like Botox(R), chemical peels, and hyaluronic fillers.

This is why we're still booming: these procedures are less expensive, less invasive, less stressful, and people don't have to miss work to have them.

With these factors, lipstick might get replaced by Botox as the recession-proof cosmetic. According to the Wall Street Journal, lipstick sales are down 6% compared to 2007, while lip gloss is down 14%. At the same time, studies like this suggest that Botox use may very well increase.

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Dr. David Goldberg
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