Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tom Jones hides scars with his goatee

The site Contact Music had an item yesterday about how Tom Jones is openly discussing his cosmetic surgery.

"The Sex Bomb singer admits he has had several anti-ageing procedures, including work to his nose, eyes, and chin.
And he confesses the surgery left him with a scar - which he covers up with facial hair.
He says, "I had the fat removed from under my chin. That's why I wear the goatee because it covers the scar."

The majority of facial plastic surgery leaves behind hidden scars, but if it's a special case like Jones', it can usually be addressed with laser treatments.

But scarring aside, some of my male patients grow facial hair after surgery to take people's eyes away from their changes. People are more likely to just comment on the new goatee or mustache than nitpick a slight change in their nose.

Dr. Kurt Wagner, who works with me at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery, said that mustaches in particular have almost a 100% success rate in running distraction.

Speaking of men getting cosmetic surgery, here is an article that Dr. Goldberg contributed to for the Miami Herald.

Dr. Jason Pozner
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center

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