Monday, November 10, 2008

Look out for the Ulthera after FDA approval

One of the most exciting upcoming things I've seen in a long time was a Deep SEE presentation from Ulthera at the ASPS conference.

They have some major ultrasound patents that they are using to combine facial imaging and tightening into one package. First, they use the ultrasound handpiece to create a sonogram looking into the patient's skin and everything underneath. After reviewing that information, the same handpiece can be adjusted to send low levels of heat energy to a precise depth below the outer layers of the face.

The energy causes to tighten, and then grow new collagen over time. Pending FDA approval, this could be really good for the "SMAS" (i.e. the facial suspension system of the face that is targeted by traditional facelifts), the sub-skin muscular layer, and also the neck.

I'm always on top of the latest minimally invasive technology at SMAC so I will be following this one closely. The imaging technology here might herald even greater levels of precision and predictability of results in facial tightening.

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