Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pliaglis quietly pulled from market

It was launched with a lot of fanfare, but Galderma announced that they are discontinuing Pliaglis, which was a topical analgesic that would create a mask of lidocaine and tetracaine.


"We took this action because of recurring inconsistent viscosity (thickness) of the product formulation. Our testing has found significant levels of variability in the viscosity parameter, resulting in a thicker cream which can make application of the product difficult."

After pulling the mask off, the application area would, in theory, be numb and ready to inject, thus eliminating the need for a separate injection of lidocaine.

It's a shame, it was highly effective, but varied in consistency due to compounding pharmacies.

Some injectors mix a little lidocaine with the Botox or filler, if requested by the patient.

Dr. David Goldberg

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