Monday, January 5, 2009

New technology for New Year

We have actively been involved in adipose derived stem cell banking since early 2008 using CytoResource. This means that patients can opt to have stem cells harvested from liposuctioned fat, which is an excellent source of stem cells.

We pack the cells and then send it to CytoResource, where someday, it can be used for whatever the patient needs, medical or cosmetic. From a previous blog post by Dr. Goldberg:

"There are far reaching implications for this in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. The use of stem cells to grow body parts is something out of science fiction but is now a reality. Someday we may be able to grow breasts or other body parts that have been removed or never formed."

CytoResource is part of the Reproductive Genetics Institute, a well known lab that also stores fetal cord blood.

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