Thursday, January 29, 2009

What you need to know about bioidentical hormones

According to Google Trends, more people are searching for bioidentical hormones on the Internet than any other time in history:

It's likely to continue, as Oprah has devoted a lot of her media empire to a discussion of bioidentical hormones replacement therapy, which she is crediting for revitalizing her life. Today, she'll have Suzanne Somers on her show, which should prolong this interest.

Our bioidentical specialist at SMAC is Dr. Mitchell Matez. You can find out more about him on our website, but to clear up what bioidentical hormones are I asked him a few questions:

Q: What is the difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones?

A: Bioidentical Hormones are exact molecular copies of the hormones that naturally occur in the human body. This is in direct contrast to hormones supplied by the pharmaceutical industry and/or mainstream Gynecologists which are either chemically altered versions of human hormones or animal hormone (i.e. Premarin is horse estrogen). These are termed synthetic and are not naturally occurring in the body. We are designed to recognize and utilize our natural hormones, not those of a horse.

Q: Why aren't bioidentical hormones FDA approved?

A: Bioidentical hormones ARE FDA approved. There are a number of bioidentical products available commercially. Unfortunately they are produced with a “one size fits all” mentality which is not conducive to individualized therapy. Compounding pharmacies can provide customized formula for each individual.

Q:What menopausal symptoms can be reversed by BHRT?

A: ALL menopausal symptoms can be reversed with BHRT. In fact Menopause itself can be completely reversed!

Q: Are they safe?

A: There is a safety profile for Bioidentical hormones dating back over 70 years. There have been multiple studies demonstrating this. They are safe and effective, and do not carry the significant risks associated with synthetic hormones.

At SMAC our anti-aging division is well versed in BHRT. Dr. Mitchell Matez has brought to us an unparalleled expertise in the South Florida region. He uses personal evaluation, blood work, and other factors to determine your particular needs. Dr Matez has had extensive training and experience in Hormone Therapy and has been treating people throughout South Florida, United States, and abroad. Don’t forget to ask about Hormone “Pellets” which is a unique and efficient way to receive therapy.

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