Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Accutane pulled off market 1 day after Jackson death

Buried in the news about Michael Jackson (who may have had cosmetic surgery sometime in his life) was that Roche Holding AG pulled Accutane off the market after losing "at least" $33 million in damages in lawsuits.

According to this Bloomberg article, the lawsuits alleged that Accutane (also known as Isotretinoin) caused bowel disease as a side effect.

Accutane was a very popular option, FDA approved in 1982. We have prescribed it for acne in the past, but many patients were wary of the side effects and opted for lasers instead.

There is no perfect treatment for acne that works for everyone.

Dr. Jason Pozner
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Dr. David J. Goldberg
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  1. While there Accutane WAS a savior for so many, I am happy they pulled it off of the market. I had a horrible experience with the product and now feel like a changed person (for the worse). Clenziderm worked for me but like you said, acne is different for everyone...

  2. Accutane was a dangerous product, is like those risky viagra promos, the only one I trust is free viagra samples but this is an exception...

  3. fuck accutane and FUCK dermatoligists that defend it

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