Monday, July 13, 2009

Iraqi plastic surgeons: Cosmetic procedures are up, Skin Grafts down

The LA Times' Caesar Ahmed did a great piece over the weekend about some very real plastic surgery trends Iraq.

Fortunately for everyone, Iraqi plastic surgeons are spending more time injecting Botox and performing cosmetic surgery, rather than performing skin grafts, reconstructions, and emergency amputations.

""Definitely we are performing more plastic surgery than before, mainly because the security situation of the country has improved," said Rida Ali, a plastic surgeon who estimates that half her patients are seeking cosmetic surgery, compared with less than a quarter a few years ago.

"Our patients get all their ideas from TV, then they come to us and request the operation," said Mahdi Hameed Abood, a senior surgeon at the Wasiti Center for Reconstructive Surgery. "It's good having television as a source of information, but what you see on TV is not always reality. There are special effects, lights. People believe what they see and come to us expecting results that may be unrealistic."

""I believe the Iraqi plastic surgeons are more talented than all the doctors in the region because of the hard circumstances they witnessed," Abood said. "Cosmetic operations are easy now for doctors after the training we obtained from treating the casualties of terrorism.""

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