Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WSJ on glut of med-spa lawsuits

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog recently posted on the latest trend in cosmetic surgery: a spike in lawsuits regarding laser hair removal.

This quote comes from the National Law Review, which the WSJ referenced in the article:

"While most states require that a doctor supervise such procedures, lawyers say it’s not happening. Some states, including Florida, New York and Illinois, are considering legislation that would more tightly regulate medical spas. In the meantime, medi-spa claims are showing up on dockets around the country.'

And plaintiffs’ lawyers say that that’s part of the problem. “No one really regulates them. I think that’s part of the problem,” says Thomas Boleky of Beutel Hurst Boleky, a personal injury firm in Chicago."

This trend only applies to both the chains and mom and pop operations that have sprung up across the country; no supervision from doctors equals lots of problems. The regulations vary from state to state as to who can run the machines.

This is not a problem at SMAC: we literally wrote the book on some of these procedures.

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