Monday, January 18, 2010

Guest Post: Dr. Michael Gold

I have just returned from IMCAS - regarded as one of the more innovative derm and plastic meetings of the year. What makes IMCAS great is that, as the first meeting of the year, we have the opportunity to work with companies and to listen to lectures from experts from all over the world on the most cutting edge treatment modalities for aging skin. This year was no exception and I was honored to be included in the program lecturing on a variety of innovative new devices for the aesthetic world.

These included the eMatrix from Syneron, a new bipolar radiofrequency device that has been quite successful in treating acne scars and deeper lines and wrinkles. We introduced the newest version of this device and some of the clinical data we have with it - very exciting technology.

We also discussed the numerous cellulite devices on the market, including the VelaShape from Syneron and the SmoothShapes from Eleme - and presented the clinical trial data we have obtained with the SmoothShapes and the reduction in thigh circumference which can be achieved with these machines. I also had the honor to speak on the new cold fat removing device, the Zeltiq - and introduce it to some of the European luminaries working with the product. This machine uses cold to destroy the fat cells and to remove inches from your skin.

And I spoke on some of the new fillers and toxins which are on the market - and those which are coming. This included the use of the Anteis "Pen" - a novel injection system which puts fillers and even toxins in the skin in exact measurements and with less pain - not yet available in the US market but someday - and something very exciting as well.

IMCAS is a great meeting - to share experiences with colleagues and friends.

Dr. Michael Gold
Gold Skin Care, Nashville TN

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