Saturday, January 16, 2010

Topical Botox is for real

One of the best presentations at the IMCAS was by Dr. Michael Kane, a plastic surgeon from NY, who presented the phase 2b data from Revance's RT001 - also known as "topical botox."

This topical preparation allows the botulinum toxin molecule to penetrate the skin and affect the targeted underlying musculature. In the study Dr. Kane presented, they developed a wrinkle score for crows feet - periocular wrinkles and showed the results of the Revance toxin. The preparation significantly improved the wrinkles at rest - which was most impressive as all the other toxin studies show improvement with motion. The toxin is also thought to be very effective in treating axillary hyperhydrosis - aka underarm sweating.
Bottom line - no needle botox is going to be a blockbuster.
Revance is privately held, but we'll go to a quote from Colin Stewart's "In Your Face" blog for the details on their deal with Medicis.

"...Medicis Pharmaceutical, which sells the popular dermal filler Restylane and the new Botox-like injection Dysport, decided in 2007 that RT001 was promising enough that the company paid Revance $20 million for an option to buy it.

In the deal, Medicis acquired a 10 percent stake in Revance plus an option to buy the company outright or to acquire an exclusive North American license for RT001."

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