Monday, August 16, 2010

Hyperoxia Shown To Reduce UVB Wrinkles, Skin Thickening

According to Cosmetic Surgery Times, a new study suggests that oxygen treatments (hyperoxia) could prospectively battle skin damage and wrinkles caused by ultraviolet light.

Performed by researchers at the University of Tokyo, mice were place in oxygen chambers after extensive exposure to UVB radiation. The mice who showed who were treated with hyperoxia had fewer wrinkles and less thickening of the skin than those who were not treated.

The researchers split 24 hairless mice into three groups: the control group (no UVB exposure), UVB exposure (three times a week for five weeks) without treatment, and UVB exposure (three times a week for five weeks) followed by two hours of hyperoxia after each treatment. Researchers found that both the UVB and UVB-plus-oxygen groups showed changes to their skin, however, the wrinkling and thickening in the latter group’s skin was less severe.

“Although hyperoxia may be used for humans to prevent acute UVB-induced skin damage, potential oxidative damage should be considered. … Further studies to determine the possible oxidative side effects of hyperoxia are needed before it can be applied in humans,” the researchers wrote.

These finding are critical in developing new anti-aging treatments, however, more research is needed to analyze any side effects.

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