Friday, February 6, 2009

Guyuron study: behavior & genetics affect appearance of aging

Dr. Bahman Guyuron in Cleveland just released a great study in the ASPS' Plastic & Reconstructive Journal, exploring the nature vs. nuture of having great skin as one ages.

Some people are just born with great skin, and that's nothing new. But Dr. Guyuron's study compared 186 sets of twins, and using digital images and a comprehensive review of what they had done differently over their lives, was able to pinpoint exactly how much aging risk factors like stress, smoking, diet, and sun exposure can affect the emergences of damage and wrinkles.

From a WebMD article:
"Identical twins, unless they behave exactly the same, will exhibit their different lifetime experiences on their faces," he says. "If the biological clock is designed to make you age in a certain way, you can alter that by eliminating some of the external factors that make you age faster."

Also, aging reduces hormones, and "if they are replaced judicially under medical advice, that will delay aging," Guyuron says. "Estrogen has a significant effect on the elasticity of the skin." To look younger, overweight people shouldn't try to lose a lot of weight quickly, he says.

Above is a photo of twins... guess which one is a smoker.

Dr. Jason Pozner
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