Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upcoming MemoryGel Implant ruptures only 1.1% of time

I spent the weekend as a member of the Mentor advisory panel in Santa Barbara. It is an exciting time for Mentor, as its acquisition by Johnson and Johnson was finally completed last week. They will have a new position as the powerhouse aesthetic company while their infrastructure allows them to maintain the customer relationships that are core to Mentor.

Also recently released was the six year data on their MemoryGel implant. The data is very significant, as there is an extremely low rupture rate of 1.1% in augmentation patients. The capsular contracture rate was 9.8% and re-operation rate was 19.4%, but it is a bit misleading as the re-operation rate includes size changes and minor scar revisions. The bottom line is that the MemoryGel implant is an extremely safe and useful device.

Capsular contracture remains a significant issue for all breast implants and Mentor is heavily involved in research to prevent and cure it. The photo above is of Dr. Jason Pozner (me), Josh Levine (CEO of Mentor) and Dr. Roger Wixtrom - the toxicologist and researcher involved in much of the capsular contracture research, which I collaborated on.

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