Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yet another sad tale of unqualified cosmetic surgery

The latest cosmetic surgery nightmare is making the rounds: this time, a pair of women in Tampa seeking "J-Lo" type enhancements are in critical condition.

From the article:

"Andrea Lee, 30, suffered total kidney failure after receiving the injections at a private home in the community of Town ‘N Country. Her friend Zakiya Teagle, 33, is also in a critical condition.

The Hillsborough County sheriff’s office is now looking for the woman who they say administered the shots illegally.

Sharhonda Lindsay of Tampa is wanted for practicing medicine without a license. A warrant for her arrest was issued Monday, according to the Web site.

"It almost is bootleg cosmetology here," said sheriff's office spokesman JD Callaway. "These two victims knew of this woman, at least one of them did. They knew that she was known to have given injections to other women to enhance the buttocks area.”

This is something that we have been tracking for a while, and it seems to be happening more and more. Simply put: going for bargains with unlicensed people does not pay off in the long run: if you're lucky, it'll only hurt your wallet with the revision work you'll need, and it could threaten your life.

Always go to a board-certified doctor.

Dr. Jason Pozner

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