Friday, May 8, 2009

Forbes: Allergan CEO defends Botox from new challenger

From Forbes:

"Each of these botulinum toxins behaves in practice quite differently," Allergan Chief Executive David Pyott said in an interview with the Associated Press. "We've said for quite a while that switching from one to another is like saying 'I'm going to stop speaking English and start talking to you in German.'"

Pyott stressed that Botox and Dysport are not interchangeable because the drugs are dosed and injected differently."

Update from Dr. Goldberg, whose practice in New Jersey was one of the 80+ test sites for Dysport: "Side by side studies have already been done in Europe. The Allergan CEO is correct. There are doing differences, so they are not apples and apples. On the other hand both products work and both products work well. Doctors will need to learn the dosing differences-and they will."

Dr. Jason Pozner
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center
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Dr. David J. Goldberg
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center
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