Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What happened in Vegas at ASAPS...

Greetings after a great meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas.

The Hot Topics seminar was very interesting today. I gave a talk on Ulthera for neck tightening. It generated a lot of interest... see previous posts for more on it, but it looks like they are progressing with their technology. No word yet on FDA approval.

Dr. Michael Kulick from San Francisco presented his Eleme Smoothshapes results for cellulite. Very scientific study with 3-d vectra analysis. and it showed the best cellulite results I have ever seen.

Dr. Mark Jewell presented Liposonix and Jeffrey Kenkel presented Ultrashape data. Very good fat reduction results from both companies. Dr. Sydney Coleman presented some of the latest research on Zeltiq, which as you know from reading this blog, freezes fat to eliminate it. All of these fat reduction technologies are looking good.

Dr. Malcolm Paul presented the latest RF-assisted liposuction results with Invasix Bodytite. Very significant skin tightening! Dr. David Kung presented Bodyjet water assisted liposuction - technology looks good for fat harvest, and it's been in the media a lot for the novelty of the water.

V. Leroy Young presented an update on Juvista update; great early clinical work for this scar reduction technology. We'll be hearing more about it later on.

Dr. Louis Bucky presented on fat grafting to the breast and Dr. Coleman made some excellent comments. It looks like this procedure is getting much more established. I guess I should start doing this in Boca Raton!

Currently I have been using it for correcting some breast augmentation complications but it may be time to start using for augmentation.

Finally, Reloxin is no longer Reloxin, I guess they are going to use the European name of Dysport.

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