Friday, May 8, 2009

Playboy: 2/3 of women prefer minimal pubic hair

In a recent issue of Playboy Magazine, readers were polled with the eternal question:

"How do you prefer a woman to keep her bikini triangle?"

Waxed bare - 40%
Landing strip - 25%
Trimmed short - 20%
"Light bush" - 9%
Natural - 6%

It's very interesting and telling that 2/3 of those polled prefer women with minimal pubic hair.

This is reflected in the strength of laser hair removal as a popular procedure. In fact, it is second only to Botox as the most popular procedure of 2008, according to statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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  1. This seems rather undignified, including this in your blog. I am aghast at how many listed 'bare' as a preference; seems aberrant somehow, as if they prefer pre-pubescents. That's repulsive.

  2. To Anonymous dated August 10, 2010.

    For me, being "bare" is easier to clean up after sex, easier for my husband to "get in there" while preforming oral etc, I don't feel I need to list anymore, it's simplicity really.

    I cannot speak for those people, as you wrote "prefer pre-pubescents". Remember, we are adult women doing this to ourselves, if you want to keep the 70's alive, you go girl.

    Personally, I feel this was a proper article to include in his blog.