Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evolence officially being discontinued

We blogged a month ago that Evolence, a collagen-based filler that we both like to use in our practices, was in trouble. Specifically, Colbar, the company that makes it and a recent acquisition of Johnson & Johnson, was on the selling block.

Last week Colin Stewart at the OC Register's In Your Face blog reported that the company is officially pulling Evolence from the market. It will no longer be manufactured.

From the article:

"Lambros and J&J said Evolence didn’t produce adverse reactions in patients.

“Evolence has had a lot of good press among injectors,” Lambros said. “I was just at a big plastic surgery meeting in Seattle where they were actively promoting the product.”

Last month, an Israeli newspaper reported that J & J planned to sell Evolence’s manufacturer, the Israel-based subsidiary, ColBar, after it sold only $25 million of the filler in a year, far below expectations.

J & J purchased ColBar for a reported $159 million."

It seems that with all of the cosmetic fillers on the market currently, there wasn't room for one more.

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