Thursday, November 5, 2009

ASPS Wrap Up

We attend a lot of aesthetic meetings and lectures around the world. Here's my account of this year's American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting, held in Seattle from October 23 to 27.

I attended and lectured at the ASPS annual meeting: attendance was way down this year - owing to the location and sign of the economy. Very few east coast doctors made the trip.

I lectured at a pre-meeting course with my good friend Dr. Barry DiBernardo. We did our usual tag team about lasers in plastic surgery - this course was on facial rejuvenation so we concentrated on skin resurfacing with the Sciton tunable resurfacing laser and fractional carbon dioxide (multiple manufacturers) and Cutera systems.

We spent some time on new technology such as Ulthera - we both are early adopters and see a lot of potential in the technology (see previous posts). I then hustled over to Hot Topics to learn and lecture. Hot Topics is the best part about our annual meeting - all the new stuff.

I spoke about the Zerona laser - a low level laser that is supposed to cause fat loss. I dont see the science behind it and feel it is hype, but am not going to blast it completely until real data is in. My usual crew lectured at Hot Topics as well. Dr. Larry Bass spoke about Zeltiq (BTW my belly is shrinking!!!) and showed the most recent studies. We are really hot on this as well!

Dr. Michael Kane spoke about Revance - topical Botox - should be awesome when it gets approved - no needles! Dr. DiBernardo spoke about a few topics including the science behind laser liposuction. He really should get a gold star for the experimental work he has done on skin tightening with the laser. He also gave a seminar on the water-jet lipo machine that can be used for fat cell grafting.

Most of my days were spent in meetings with industry or committee meetings. Not that much fun and I needed a vacation when I returned. Bottom line from this meeting: nothing that new!

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