Monday, October 12, 2009

Zeltiq Treatment Diary

We finally received our Zeltiq device and had it installed last week. This has been previously covered on our blog, and Dr. Goldberg was one of the original investigators in their FDA trial.

Basically, the device cools fat and causes fat cell death without skin, muscle or nerve injury. The best areas to treat are the lower abdomen, love handles and back. Of course I tried the device! Ulthera last week, Zeltiq this week. Here's what happened:

Dr. Wagner marked the area on my lower abdomen to be treated.

We then applied the contact sheet on my lower abdomen and fired up the Zeltiq device. While standing the suction applicator was placed on the left side of my lower abdomen and the whole area was sucked into the area between the chilling plates. It didn't hurt - I just felt the suction.

Then I reclined in the exam chair with a pillow behind my back and one on my legs. Dr. Wagner turned on the cycle and the machine began cooling my fat.

Felt a little strange but minimal discomfort... I'd rate it 1-2 out of 10. After 5 minutes, as the fat cooled, I felt nothing. The cycle lasted one hour with a little massage segment built in at the 30 minute mark. I spent the time on the phone and on my laptop cleaning up the 150 emails from the weekend.

After one hour they removed the device. The skin on my lower abdomen was a bit puffy as it was sucked into the device for an hour, and my skin was cold! I went to get some lunch and then repeated on the right side of my lower abdomen, for two cycles. I spent another two hours working, then hit the gym.

By the time I got to the gym the area was normal temperature, a little numb and a little swollen, so I did back and cardio just like any other day. No additional discomfort by having my lower abdomen treated.

My take? It's easy! I could do this every week... the only problem is you have to wait 90 days for the result.

Dr. Jason Pozner
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, Boca Raton
Sanctuary Plastic Surgery, Boca Raton

Dr. David J. Goldberg
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, Boca Raton
Skin Laser Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ


  1. Oh wow! This device is looking very nice effective. Can you show me more pic of this device when it is in working process. I am waiting for your response.

  2. It is close to 90 days, have you seen a noticeable difference?

  3. does it work for gynocomastia ?

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