Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Donda West Law passes

The OC Register's "In Your Face" blog refers to it as a "feel-good plastic surgery law," and "pointless" and that's pretty accurate.

"The key section of the bill says: "Prohibits a cosmetic surgery procedure from being performed by a physician and surgeon unless, prior to surgery, the patient has received a physical examination by, and written clearance for, the procedure from either the physician and surgeon who will be performing the surgery or another licensed physician and surgeon...

The author states that this measure is not directed at the many good plastic surgeons who require their patients to have a medical clearance before elective cosmetic surgery. The author believes that explicitly requiring in law a physical examination prior to surgery will reduce the risk of complications, including death, during or after cosmetic surgical procedures."

It is standard practice for us to get clearance on anyone over 40, and younger if there any medical issues. Anyone over 50 also gets a stress test. Better safe than sorry.

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