Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Bad Idea: Juvederm on Ebay

In January, we covered the novelty of a woman in Mansfield, Texas selling Botox on Ebay. Her auction and separate website Botox Depot were shut down by Allergan, and the last we heard they were pursuing legal action.

Now there's another batch of Ebay auctions from user JenFangmeier: DIY Juvederm!

She has four different packages of various sizes, and includes syringes of what she claims to be Juvederm with .3% lidocain and needles. On her separate website, DIYJuvederm.com, she is also selling for $90 an instructional CD of her injecting herself with Juvederm.

The savings appear to be significant, as the Buy It Now prices are in line with wholesale prices.

I am unaware of there being a Juvederm with .3% lidocain available in the United States, so who knows what the product actually is.

This is definitely illegal and the very best case scenario is a poor result for someone with Juvederm. Worst case are complications that a DIY injector doesn't know how to deal with.

It is not worth it to take this risk, but some people clearly don't know any better judging from the bids on her auctions.
This is part of a much larger trend... as the economy has declined, incidences of unlicensed cosmetic surgery have jumped. More on that later.

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DIY Juvederm Ultra #2 [Ebay]

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  1. juvederm and other substances like botox shouldn't be available on the internet because it's not recommended to do such a treatment by yourself or have a person that's not certified to do such a treatment.

    I have some friends that tried to have botox treatments done this way and the results were awful....this convinced me to choose Skin Vitality, a good clinic from Toronto for my botox treatment, and I'm glad I did this, because for me safety is way more important than money.

  2. Thank you for the informative comment Julia, women who are fond of patronizing OTC product should be very cautious about this. I am into
    laser skin resurfacing too but i make sure that a qualified dermatologist will do it.