Monday, March 30, 2009

Cosmetic MD Nation Daily Links 3/30

Here's what you need to stay on top of today:

1) Kim Kardashian's Failing Fight Against Cellulite [In Your Face]
From Colin Stewart:
"The last time she shone a spotlight on the subject was last year, when she visited American Laser Centers to try to remove those small lumpy deposits of fat from her thighs. She underwent a Velashape treatment there during an episode of her reality-TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”This time, her not-perfectly-smooth thighs showed up online. An un-retouched image from a recent shoot for Complex Magazine was inadvertently posted (see below)."

At SMAC Boca, cellulite treatments are performed with an Accent XL, which uses radiofrequency waves to heat the tissue below the skin surface. We also just got Eleme's Smoothshapes, which was launched about a month ago at the AAD meeting in San Francisco. It uses a technology called Photomology, which uses "dynamic laser and light energy with manual manipulation (i.e., mechanical massage) and vacuum" to attack cellulite. Word on the street is it's the best device out there right now.

2. In China, Job Seekers are Resorting to Plastic Surgery [LA Times]
From Don Lee:
"In the U.S., the recession has led to a steep drop in cosmetic surgeries, which generally aren't paid for by health insurers. Nose jobs aren't covered in China either, but that's not stopping consumers here. Job hunters know that a pleasing face helps to get a foot in the door.

"I've been surprised how busy it is," says Dr. Liao Yuhua, president of Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, one of the largest in the city. Business began to increase last November, she says, and in recent weeks has been running 40% higher than a year ago. At its busiest in January, Liao says, her team of 10 surgeons was doing as many as 100 procedures a day, raising noses, cutting eyelids and chiseling angular faces into the shape of smooth goose eggs."

Mirroring the trend stories stateside, job-seekers in China are pursuing cosmetic surgery to look their best.

3. New natural boob job uses tummy fat to boost bra size [Mirror.UK]
Emily Cook writes about the advent of stem cell transfers of stomach fat to the breast, to form natural implants. Many centers worldwide are looking at fat grafting to breast for reconstructive and aesthetic use. It's still pretty controversial; it has to do with distinguishing the calcifications from fat grafting from cancers, but strides are being made. Look for this to be mainstream within 10 years.

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