Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guest Blogger: Dr. Julius Few, Chicago

Here I am with Dr. Julius Few at the Brazilian-American meeting in Utah. Yes, we actually went to the meeting. His guest blog follows after the picture.

It was an honor to attend the first American-Brazilian Meeting in Utah. The long weekend was literally perfect, but the content of the meeting was even better. Despite the temptation for participants to go out to nature during the meeting, most waited until the allotted break time because the content was so dynamic.

This meeting represented a unique mix of aesthetic medicine and surgery. I found the focus on how to keep our practices up to date incredibly useful. I believe the focus on non-surgical, laser, and cosmetic medicine very beneficial. Our patients are coming into our offices wanting the state of the art, with the least amount of down time and the most “bang for the buck”. I believe the emphasis on what works in lasers and what doesn’t was very useful-Dr. Pozner and Dr. Dibernardo gave very informative presentations.

I had the honor of participating in a panel focused on aesthetic medicine and the wave of the future. I feel that patients expect a comprehensive approach to their rejuvenation experience and the ability to offer surgical and non surgical options are vital. On a side note, I found the input of our international counterparts very innovative and “out of the box”. I really liked the minimally invasive way to lyse/cut platysmal bands very useful and I give our Brazilian friends a great deal of credit. I can’t believe I did not think of using a suture placed through the skin to cut muscle bands without a scar, an inexpensive surgical wire!

Dr. Julius Few
Few Institute
Chicago, Illinois

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