Friday, March 20, 2009

Can you own the phrase "Locate Plastic Surgeon?"

Interesting, and ridiculous court case filed this week that Real broke on their blog...

A man named Jamil Ezzo is suing Google, AOL, Time Warner, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,,,,, and infringing on his trademarked phrase "LOCATE PLASTIC SURGEON."

Although he does own the trademark for that phrase, through some fuzzy math he is seeking damages to the tune of $90,000,000, due to Google and AOL using that phrase in their pay-per-click advertising.

We found a copy of the initial 19 page complaint (the good stuff is in the last several pages). Click here to check it out, courtesy of

Dr. Jason Pozner
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center

Dr. David J. Goldberg
Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center
Skin Laser Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ

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